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Bengal Almond is a type of native Indonesian leaves. It is one of the main food crops in Indonesia and has been cultivated there for thousands of years. Bengal Almonds or catappa leaves are used by people to tan leather, as a black dye, and also to make ink. Papagan produces a yellow-brown to olive color, and contains 11–23% tannins; while the leaves contain 12 kinds of tannins which can be hydrolyzed. Meanwhile, it is popularly believed among ornamental fish enthusiasts that placing dried ketapang leaves in the aquarium, especially betta fish (Betta spp.), can improve health and extend fish life.

About us

We are Bengal Almonds or catappa leaves Marketing, manufacturers and exporters of the best quality dried leaves available in the market. We serve our clients worldwide with a range of dried leaves, which are processed from reliable processors using natural methods. for packaging We use premium grade materials to pack our products so as to maintain their natural color and nutritional value. The company’s operations are based on quality standards set by the Forestry Safety & Standards Authority of Indonesia (FSSAI).

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